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Meet Clare Seeds

Doctor of Chiropractic

Clare is a fully qualified Chiropractor based in Andover, Hampshire

Clare graduated with merit from the world renowned AECC University College in 2012 and has worked in Chiropractic clinics in North Yorkshire and Berkshire. Clare is passionate about everyone being able to reach their optimum health potential no matter what their age.

Clare, as well as being a Chiropractor is a wife and mother so appreciates that with the busy life styles we lead the tendency can be to put our health on the ‘back shelf’, and unfortunately it is not till our bodies scream out at us in pain that we sit up and take notice and decide to do
something about it.

Clare strives to help every client not only recover from ongoing painful episodes but to also get to the root cause of why the painful episode has occurred in the first place, by doing this it can help prevent future problems from occurring.

Finding Your PEACE

Clare takes into consideration several areas of your life and lifestyle which include:

  • Physical – this includes how active / sedentary you are. What sports and hobbies you partake in.
  • Emotional – What stressors you have in your life for example work, family, financial concerns.
  • Alignment – and posture Clare will assess these to see how improvements can be made in these areas.
  • Chemical – Taking a look at your diet and levels of hydration. Maintaining a balanced (anti-inflammatory) diet is a key part to great health.
  • Environment – Looking at what toxins you may be exposed to daily.


Clare Seeds Chiropractic

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